Tip Calculator

A simple and efficient tip calculator.


About The Project

Tip Calculator is a simple and efficient app that automatically generates and calculates how much tip a user needs to give after a service experience, may it be in restaurants, bars or in other industries that requires an amount of tip.

This project was done as a quick class exercise which focused on the interface design, showcasing the important features of the application. Using Origami and InVision, a walk-through prototype was also created to show the flow of the wireframes.



DATE Fall 2017, 1-Hour Design Sprint
TEAM Jay Wang, Savera Bhatnagar
TOOLS Sketch, InVision, Origami
FIELD Visual Design, UI / UX Design


Design Process

For this project, Jay, Savera and I wanted to design a hassle-free, straightforward interface, while maintaining the atmosphere of playfulness to the design so that it's more engaging to use.

We decidedly agreed to categorize the different industry that people usually give tips for service, which is indicated as tabs on the top screen: Food, Bar, Services.



  • Emoji represents the level of content that a user experience with the given service and it automatically generates the percentage for the tips.

  • Tip Amount allows the users to see the tip percentage that has been generated using the emoji while making it editable for users to input their own amount of percentage that he or she wants to give as a tip. This gives the user freedom to decide aside from having a hassle-free calculation process.

  • Hidden Calculator makes the interface cleaner, clutter-free and spacious.



This project was a quick class activity that required my teammates and I to brainstorm and create a final prototype in a faster pace than we were normally used to. It challenged us to work collaboratively and decide quickly. Seeing as it was during the first few weeks of classes, we barely knew each other to know one other's style and work ethic, so this also challenged us to trust one another's process and output.