The Maps That Contain Us

Illustrating a poetry and flash fiction book about the restless, unforgettable migrations of the writer's spirits. 


About The Project

The Maps That Contain Us is the second book following In Case You Come Back.  It is a collection of poetry and flash fiction that explores love, loss, life, and loneliness through restless experience and unforgettable migrations of Reese's and Marla's spirits.

The project focused on visually depicting and translating the poetry into a series of illustrations that was done as a collective, choosing a singular palette and theme for the entirety of the book. The scope of the project also included designing and illustrating for the cover of the book.  

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DATE September 2017
TEAM Reese Lansangan, Marla Miniano, Jamie Catt
TOOLS Watercolor, Pen
TYPE Book Illustration


Cover Design

The prompt for the cover focused on the theme of exploration and places. I tried illustrate the overall context of the book by navigating visually through the poems that were written by Reese and Marla.