Make Me Care: Planning, Prototype & Practice

From the mini-sprint we did in class, I realized that despite having an outline and a concept of the story I wanted to talk about, I have a difficult time making things up as I go (concerning the details at least). I'm the type of person that needs to have everything planned and flushed out for me to fully understand and confidently talk about the story I want to share with others. During the practice runs, I was fully unprepared in the sense that I couldn't even properly talk through the flow of my story and I kept finding myself lost in the process.

On a lighter note, I really appreciate having the practice runs because it helped me pave a clearer path for my talk. Omar gave me valuable insight on which direction was best to go. I had initial conflict of whether including a personal story or a fable was more engaging to bring forth the values I learned and wanted to narrate. I personally wanted to share a story from my childhood but I felt that a connection was lacking with the principle I wanted to convey. Omar, however, gave insight that it wasn't as disconnected as I thought it would be and that I just had to create a ground structure for me to properly bring my story forward. On the second round of practice run, I was still unprepared but standing up and trying to at least walk through my flow even though I literally had no structure yet, pushed me to envision how I wanted it to go. 

One of the things that I struggled with in coming up with a concept to talk about was connecting the two stories that I had to include for the talk. There were a lot of conflicting ideas but at the end of the day, the sprint helped me untangle the knots and work my way through the mess that I first started with.