Interactive Fiction: Rough Plan Set



Haze is a dystopian novel about the advancement of technology and how Artificial Intelligence overtook Planet Earth, controlling the environment and the rest of humanity. The scene takes place in the year 3500 where all human beings are plugged in a dreamlike state where they are living their lives controlled by technology. One day, a group of four subjects, Marcus, Kalil and Nancy all awoke simultaneously from this dreamlike state. They start to discover that the life they are living has been a whole lie. Outside of this compound where they have been kept for years, is a group of rebels bent on destroying The Oasis, where the world of AI lives. It turns out that when technology started to advance and take over the world, humans have been starting to get captured through their devices and brought to the compound until most of them have been caught and turned their lives into a digital reality.

The group of four has been the rebels experiment, who have been monitoring some of the captured subjects to know whether or not they can be the individuals who can stop the AI and capture the clockwork device that lives in the heart of the compound. Through the device, it will enable them to travel back in time to fix things in the society so it doesn’t result to their present demise. The moment the subjects awoke confused and lost is the moment they started to become aware of what’s reality and what’s not and what their sole purpose is for being *The Awakened* These four characters, including the player showed potential skills done through their virtual life. 


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