Saturday Field Sketches: Embarcadero






As an illustrator, I've always been drawn to sketching visual representations and imagery of the world around me. One thing that I've never really fully explored is sketching on site or engaging in live drawing. I have tried a few sessions before since it was required in my drawing class but I always preferred using references such as images to draw a particular piece of work. I was told before by my Painting Professor during my First Year that it was better to go out and draw from live references than using images or photos but I never really took his advice to heart. 

That being said, it's difficult for me to quickly capture things on the go because I tend to be a perfectionist and relish in the small details. However, yesterday's class taught me that rough and raw drawings has more energy stored within them and it gives more context to their stories. I felt that capturing things as they are, in a certain moment, makes it more valuable. Since my approach has always been to take a photograph and sketch later on, I tend to miss the opportunity to immerse in that moment if I had drawn on site. The same is true when I try to redraw things. I feel as if some part gets taken away and it's not as authentic as I want it to be when I drew it on site. 

The entire experience was truly enlightening to me and I learned a lot about being flexible and dynamic with capturing the world around me: how it moves and how it interacts with one another. I saw things in a different perspective. Engaging in the role of an observer and a capturer of things attuned me to my environment and I felt more immersed and grounded in the moments that I allowed myself to slow down and sketch the world around me.