Ends Workshop









I find it interesting to learn more about Consumer Experience and this whole idea of ending things. One of my biggest takeaways from the activity is that I started to realize that by thinking of off-boarding in a Consumer Product, I feel that it makes it more valuable in the sense that as a consumer myself, I would be thinking about the time that I will personally use a product and I won't perceive it as something that is discardable in the sense that I can simply replace it without any thought. I think that if there was one thing I learned from the workshop is that the main principle of off-boarding is to create emotional connection with a service or a product which, as I mentioned, adds more value to it.

Another thing that made me think about and got really interested in was the idea of The Civil Self and The Consumer Self. Lately, I've been thinking about transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle after assessing how much waste I produce when I purchase things that comes in plastic containers (like shampoo bottles). It made me more aware of how much I unnecessarily use and discard things without a second thought and the workshop reinforced these reflections.  

I really had such a learning experience and gained a lot of insights from this workshop and I truly appreciate the fact that we had the opportunity to have this in class. 



Jamie CattComment