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Smoke & Mirrors

A Tangible User Interface tool for collaboration.


About The Project

Smoke and Mirrors is a collaboration tool that makes use of human gestures we are familiar with and tools we have in the real world. Merging the virtual and the physical, we made a Tangible User Interface for designers working on a magazine layout.

The scope of the project is to use keynote to animate the gestures and and show how the tool might be used in context.



DATE Fall 2018, 3 Weeks
TEAM Gina Kim, Jackie Ji
TOOLS Keynote, Final Cut
FIELD UI / UX Design, Animation

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User Flow

We started our brainstorming process by creating user flowcharts to understand how a designer works on a magazine layout. This was a key process in our work as it defined the way we shaped the tool to be used.

Layout Design.png


We then proceeded to sketching out storyboards on how the tool might be used in context. This helped us conceptualize the framework of our interface and what elements we wanted to use for our Smoke and Mirrors.


Context Video

To show how we envision our tool to be used in context, we created a video that where an Art Director and a Designer works together to review a layout.