Whale You Be My Valentine?


We're hitting the second month of the year (where did January go?) and as we stir up romantic gestures, heartfelt declarations, and warm hugs for our loved ones, let's take a moment to revisit this sweetheart I did last year for all you love bugs out there.

I'm launching it in my store today. Absolutely perfect to give to your loved ones, a stranger or simply for your own as a reminder of a special day filled with love. To spice things up, you can write a love note on the back or a fond memory you have on Valentine's (totally recommended but not necessary). Wouldn't it be a nice surprise?

Acts of love can be as simple as giving someone a postcard, cooking her simple meal, or telling him how much he means to you. It doesn't take much to light up a person's day. As long as your heart is in it, so will theirs.

Let's celebrate and spread love from all corners of the universe, every single moment of every single day.

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