Waves Are Rolling In


 All I need is sea salt, fresh air, and a little bit of sunshine.

Oh, how I missed the fresh air, the sea salt, and the sound of waves in my cozy little space here in North Shore. After spending a couple of nights in town, I'm already looking forward to being closer to the ocean.

When we arrived in North Shore after indulging ourselves in a very zen and heavenly lunch at Govinda's Buffet (a pure vegetarian restaurant, which definitely lives up to it's name: Food For The Soul), we were greeted with a perfect afternoon - the epitome of a clear sky, big waves, and sunny weather. This only means one thing: surfers and locals are out soaking it all up before the day ends. As we neared the house, we witnessed Pipeline Beach was lined with cars left and right. I was told that there was a preparation for a tournament of some sort tomorrow so there's a lot of activity going around near Sunset Beach where I'm staying with my aunt.

I have no idea about any of it. All I know is that winter equates to Surf Season and the buzz is already starting. After I finished all my tasks, I went straight to the beach to catch the sunset and watch the surfers. With the setting sun comes cooler winds and warm hue skies across the horizon. It was an incredible day-ender and in all things, it was magical.

ReflectJamie CattComment