Waimea Valley


Portraits Shot On Location At Waimea Valley By Jeline Catt

Marking our 2nd hike in O'ahu: Waimea Valley was a sight to behold, with the flora and the greenery encapsulating the trails. My sister and I, along with our cousin, trekked all the way to the waterfalls. There were a handful of historical sites along the path, where ancient tribes used to live in specific parts of the valley. We also stumbled upon a small stream on the sideline and it was a gorgeous and secluded spot. The hike surprisingly took us around 3 hours back and forth, which kind of only felt like an hour or so. This differs from the first hike that we did. Since it was paved and a lot of tourists came and went, it felt more of a leisurely trek. Nevertheless, I was assaulted with the magnificence of it all and everywhere I turned it took my breath away.

Being surrounded with all those flora was an invigorating experience. In fact, it was this particular hike that pushed me to explore and expand my color palette. Considering my favorite consists of earth tones, it's not surprising that I relished the onslaught of scenery and colors from this hike.

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