Finding Your Worth: The Value of Work


Kickstarting the year by introducing a series-based post for all you creative fellas out there. Finding Your Worth is a four-segment write-up which will be broken down into the following topics: The Value of Work, Creative ConfidenceThe Work-Value Equation, and The Creative Tale.

Along the way, I'll recommend a few articles and films that will be related to the theme and how I find it both an enlightening and insightful experience. As the series progress, I hope you'll find something beneficial and learn a thing or two from what I would be sharing in my journey as a creative thus far.


Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.



When it comes to defining the value of our work, we often end up with a lot of question marks and start perusing Google to solve our dilemma; all while clawing at various websites to search for a breakthrough or asking our peers for a handful of advice. What you, nor I, don't know is that we will never find those much-needed answers on Google (nor from a friend, if you may).

The reason? It all comes from within.


Know why you're doing what you're doing. What does your work mean to you? It's all about meaning.

Ask yourself: Is it just about the paychecks and bills? Or is it something infinitely more?


Know what your work is all about. What does your work define?

Learn it. Understand it. The knowledge you have on what you do determines how much effort you place and how much passion you have for it.


Listen to your instincts. What is it telling you?

Quiet your mind and listen closely. Your inner voice knows you better than anything else.


 You are the only one who can determine the value of your own work.



Defining the value of your work is a step to discovering what you are profoundly passionate about, what the purpose of your work is and what it truly means to you. It's an alternate step towards self-awareness.

Here are four things worth keeping in mind: Cultivate your skill. Invest in your passion. Take your time. Be attuned to what you are doing.

Don't undervalue yourself and the work that you do. Every single thing you create fills an important role in this universe. Remember, what you do is important. You are important.

Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. There's a whole world of possibilities and opportunities. Soon enough, as you go along your creative journey, you'll experience the freedom of knowing your true worth.


Last year, I've been getting frequent e-mails from readers and friends alike reaching out for advice on the matter at hand. This, later on, became my inspiration for this particular series. While I'm pretty open to questions and answering most of them on my side blog, I tend to be very particular and specific in addressing each query. However, for Finding Your Worth, I would be talking about in the general sense where hopefully you, yourself, can relate to the topic.

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