Understanding Art


March has been an art bucket in disguise filled with a variety of experiences — from traveling and immersing in different cultures, to attending art fairs, witnessing live mural paintings, and meeting fellow artists. Suffice to say, it has been nothing short of remarkable. I've been engaged in the art scene than I ever had in the past, and I'm virtually patting myself on the back for venturing out in the big world.

They say that the things we are surrounded by affect the work we make. Ultimately, the things we see and hear every single day filters through our creative minds and flows on to our masterpieces. So I'd say, surround yourself with great works and in turn you will create great things. Makes sense doesn't it? Being inspired by all the things and beings that surround us is the most magical thing you can ever experience, and experiencing even just a pinch of that can fuel your to passion to create.

That being said, this is a way for me to share those experience with you in hopes to reach out and inspire you in the process as well. March has been a month of discovery for me (and I'm whooping at the coincidental fact that it's my birth month too). It led me to shine a light on the things that I'm particularly drawn to; themes, styles, artwork and other things that interests me that I wouldn't have otherwise known if I didn't explore and witness what I did.

In this day and age, we plough through artwork after artwork in a fair or show, sometimes never really stopping to look, observe, think and feel the masterpieces in front of us. This series will help me delve deeper into the topic and understand what it really means to perceive art. I'm documenting my journey in hopes to inspire and share with you whatever knowledge I'll be uncovering along the way.

As I open my series for Understanding Art, which features the various art fairs and events I attended during the past month, I'd like you to keep an open mind of all the abstract, complex and vividly remarkable works that I'll be sharing as the series unravels.