Twenty One


Celebrating my birthday contemplating about life as per usual. Looking back at these photos from Palace of Fine Arts, I was hit with the inspiration to write about the theme of possibility, hidden in every crevice, if only we dare look.

Every nook and every cranny hides an opportunity. Learning to truly be open with your surroundings and take in the littlest of details, you'll find extraordinary in the mundane things. Everywhere we turn, everywhere we look, magic, inspiration, cosmic moments are waiting for us to acknowledge it.

I'm lucky to have seen and travelled beyond of my immediate grasp. Tagging along with my mom, flying alone, hopping from one place to another, it's both nostalgic and amazing. Going places and exploring new ideas, culture, and things have opened my mind to a world full of possibilities.

If there's one thing I learned in my 21 years of existence in this universe, it's this: you won't be able to experience and learn if you stay within your boundaries. Go out there. Explore. Take risks. Jump right in. You'll never know the kind of opportunities and doors that will open for you once you start navigating the world and coming out of your rabbit hole.

It doesn't have to be far, far away. It may all sound far fetched. Sometimes our ideas can be over the top and that can be disheartening when we feel like it's way out of our league. That's why we have to bear in mind that we need to set realistic goals as well. Little steps, my friend. Take strategic little steps to get to your next destination. Then the next. And the next. That's all it takes. And sooner than you'll realize, you're doing amazing things, heading towards unimaginable places.

In terms of my career, no matter how short it may be right now, it has formed me into someone I never knew I could be three years ago. Shifting my course and pursuing what I love has its ups and downs, moments of success and failure. Like a U-shaped curve. All of it, especially the moments when I'm at the bottom of the hill, has carved me into a stronger being.

I learned. I sought. I explored. I became patient. I never settled for anything less than what I know I deserve. I aimed for impossible things, only later on to find out that it's not impossible. Not. At. All. So I scratched out that word. Impossible. Because the only word that exists now in my vocabulary is possible. In this world of possibilities, we can overcome, achieve and be anything if we set our mind to it. Impossible is only the fear, the limitations that holds us back. But it's only a figment of our imaginations. So don't let it hold you back.

In this current life cycle that I'm journeying through, there's only one thing I'm going to set my mind on, and that is: To keep making things happen.