The Maps That Contain Us


We've been constantly changing because of the process. It's good to remember the places where we've "changed" the most.



Our team of three have been secretly working on our second poetry and flash fiction for the past few months. Working on the illustrations for our second book was quite a challenge. Turning a new leaf by approaching my style in a different manner, made the overall body of illustrations more cohesive while sticking to a two-color palette made it more symbolic.

With In Case You Come Back, my style was more painterly, as opposed to The Maps That Contain Us. I decided to approach the project with a more graphic interpretation and incorporated a lot of symbolic meaning to the drawings than merely painting a depiction of either Marla or Reese's words. I was able to explore another side of illustration that I've been wanting to try out. The only thing that hindered me was that I didn't trust my skills enough to produce certain images and ideas into something physical. Working on this book became the opportunity for me to try on a new approach to my style.


Another interesting thing that I realize was that, until I compiled all the work I did for the book, I hadn't noticed that I began to create a new character for my work. As you flip through the book, you would notice the same figure would show up on a few of my illustrations and, in a way, it became a constant embodiment for the story we were trying to convey. I can't wait to see how my work would progress from this point forward and if I would ever be able to create new characters as I go along. I feel like I'm in the midst of experimentations with the hybrids and with the graphic style that I've been incorporating into my work. That being said, it's amazing to see how creative work progresses in different ways. Seeing Marla and Reese work on the new pieces for this book and noticing the subtle change a year can make in how we create is intriguing and inspiring in itself. From our experiences to our thoughts and feelings, every single thing continually plays a huge role in shaping our craft and skills which respectively contributes to the growth of our individuality.


'In Case You Come Back' worked because it was super simple but evoked so much emotion, and it was something that everyone could start a personal statement with.



Our collaborative work is a thing of wonder, and as Marla said, "We have never been able to explain how this creative partnership works. It just does." At the core of it, there's a beauty that blossoms from collaborating with like-minded creatives that strive towards a single goal. That goal, our goal, is to share with you our thoughts, feelings and ideas, in the hopes that you would be able to take a piece of us with you wherever you may be with our book.

From here on out, we map the movements of our lives, our work and our craft. Join us as we journey on through the next page of our existence in this Universe.

Illustrations by Yours Truly: Languages of Snakes, Your Love Is A Maze (as published on The Maps That Contain Us)