The Launch of In Case You Come Back


On Valentine’s Day, we celebrated the launch of In Case You Come Back.

One of my life long dreams finally became a reality — to have my illustrations published in a book. A poetry book, weaved with beautiful and charismatic words, at that! I definitely couldn't have asked for more. Tonight, I want to share a few stolen moments from the event in hopes that I could convey how much that night meant to me. Holding a copy of my own, being on stage, and signing several copies of other beautiful souls who purchased it — everything felt surreal.

I'm saying this again, because I feel like I can't mention it enough:

To Marla & Reese, I'm eternally grateful to you both for trusting me to visualize your remarkable poetry.

To Summit Media, thank you for taking our project under your wing and making all of this happen.

To Steph, who patiently listened to all our feedbacks and gave life to our book with your exceptional hand at designing the layout.

To Ines (even though we haven't personally met), thank you for taking the time to pore over and edit our book.

Through this project, I have met and worked with incredible souls along the way. None of this would have been possible without these people. And of course, to everyone else who inspired us and continued cheer us on. You are all amazing beings. Valentine's Day was nothing short of remarkable. Meeting fellow creatives, writers, readers and fans, and hearing how I inspired and made an impact — no matter how big or small — in their lives made my heart full. This is the reason why I keep doing what I'm doing, and I have to thank you for that.

Keep shining & keep creating. If you haven't seen it yet, you can read my previous behind-the-scenes post on In Case You Come Back, which delves a little bit deeper on my experience and the whole process of creating the book. For those of you who are asking, In Case You Come Back is now available in bookstores nationwide. Head over to National Bookstore, Powerbooks or Fully Booked to grab a copy for only PHP250.