The Creative Process


One of the things I love about painting is witnessing the process from start to finish; when everything is slowly coming together; when the visual imagery starts to take form and you could see the reality of something that was once a thought in your mind, a wonderful imagination, become tangible and within your grasp.

Facing a blank canvas can either excite or infuriate me.

While I love the idea of starting a new piece, there are times that I want to skip all the pretense of preparation — from idea gathering, to sketching, to canvas prep — and just dive into the heart of it all. But I guess that's the beauty of the creative process, isn't it? You fall in love with the in-betweens, with the thrill, the frustration, the joy, the whole roller coaster ride.

Channeling our thoughts and emotions and creating a translation of its visual imagery onto paper is the most freeing feeling of all. Like everything else, it's also a part of the process.

The greatest, perhaps? Is the magic it unfolds. It's always evolving... Growing... Changing... And it's taking us along the journey.

Ever since I took on less number of work yet bigger projects this year, it cleared up my schedule and helped me stay in tune with what I truly desire. I have experimented more on things that ignite my curiosity and my fancies to create. This helped me reconnect and listen to the whispers of my process, that sometimes gets lost in the rubble of work that I take on, especially when it's a load full. It gave me the chance to replenish my creative cup and allowed me to appreciate all that there is.

So tonight, I leave you with this thought: be in tune with your process and fall in love with your experiments and your unique methods. 

Being one and forging a deep connection with your creative soul will give you a stronger intuition, and you'll find it to be an incredibly out-of-this-world experience.