The Creative List XVI

First week of classes just kicked off and I've been absorbing a lot of new information and inspiration both from my peers and professors in the world of design. I recently switched my major from Illustration to Interaction Design and it's been a huge eye-opener in the field lately. I jumped into something completely foreign and unknown to me and learning more about it makes it all the more interesting and compelling. Below are links and I noted down from class and from the readings assigned over the weekend:

  • "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." (Alan Kay)
  • Mark Conlan creates vivid illustrations of people and places that makes you want to jump in on the world he creates. In one of his series, titles Unexpected Discoveries, he creates spaces and a universe of domains that shines lights to new things to let each character see an entirely new world. His use of color, texture and content adds up to the spice of his body of work.
  • In this short film, we see how one of Wes Anderson's movie, The Darjeeling Limited, is dissected into a theme of communication and how the three brothers: Peter, Jack and Francis project their emotions through symbols, signifiers and the way they communicate, perhaps a universal truth to human nature and the way we connect with other people.
  • A peer from my college, CCA creates a Typography Type Guide and shares with us the process that undertook in the ideation, creation, research and end result of the project. It's really amazing to see how ideas turn into real-time products that you can actually interact with. After reading this article, I had the urge to go to the library and check it out.
  • In this TEDx Talk, Tim Brown encouragers designers to think big and how design thinking is essential for generating solutions and creating world changing innovations.
  • Here's How To Make Sense of Any Mess. Just for fun.
  • "When you go approach a problem, you must go backward before going forward to find the solution."
  • "Learning is remembering what you are interested in."
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