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The Accidental Creative: Chris Guillebeau Born For This

On this episode, Todd Henry talks with Chris Guillebeau on finding work that you're meant to do, by discussing the formula of Joy, Money and Flow and working to create a value in the world, all of which are in lieu of Guillebeau's recently published book Born For This.



When & How To Say 'No' To A Project

Turning down projects and saying no is one of the most important skill that any working creative should know. It requires standing up and respecting ourselves, all while being brave enough to choose the work that is alignment with our own ethics and of course, our hearts. This article tells us how to decide when you should say no to a project and how to execute it in kind to your clients.



Midori Traveller's Journal

I've always been traditional in some of the things I do, and one of those is writing. I always keep tons of notebooks tucked away in the nooks and crannies of my closet and I would usually carry at least two sketchbooks with me whenever I head out. This journal made it easier for me to compartmentalize and organize my notebooks into sections, and makes it feasible for me to carry just one. Apart from that, I love collecting receipts, tickets and other paraphernalia that I would accumulate throughout my travels or day-to-day occurrences. So by the end of the year, my journal would be bursting from the seams with the amount of paper tucked into it. What's great with the Midori is that it provides pocket inserts you can purchase separately to stash random papers and little tokens.

I've been eyeing this journal for years now, but always held back because I felt like it's too much investment on a simple notebook. Now, I can't fathom how I survived this long without having it in my life. The idea behind it is a genius creation and I love how flexible it is.



Color Theory

I've been a slave to research and studies, and most of all going back to basics and intensive practice and exploration with my most loved medium, watercolors, in preparation for something big this coming July.

One of the things I never studied in depth is color theory and while I have my own method, I wanted to learn the basics and the traditional way just to give me an idea of how the process works. Through thorough research, I found a comprehensive guide that outlines the color wheel, studying temperatures and values, mixing complementary colors, and a bunch of other tips and tricks for understanding colors when working with watercolor painting.



Diner: A Short Film by Omeleto

A short film about a lovely lady who loves to sing, expressing her emotions and thoughts through her self-composed songs. It's a beautiful film that shows how language is not a barrier and how we can express ourselves in different ways to the people we care about. It's truly inspiring and heartwarming.

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