The Creative List VIII


The Accidental Creative: Chris Guillebeau Born For This

On this episode, Todd Henry talks with Chris Guillebeau on finding work that you're meant to do, by discussing the formula of Joy, Money and Flow and working to create a value in the world, all of which are in lieu of Guillebeau's recently published book Born For This.



Training One's Mind For Success

At the root of every success is an energy buzzing with light and happiness. When we encounter human beings who possess this, it touches our own energy and inspires us profoundly that we begin to crave that kind of positivity and vibration in our own sphere in this Universe. The article guides it readers on seven mindsets to train our thinking in order to manifest happiness and success in our life.



7B Mitsubishi 9800 Graphite Pencil

I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the year that I would be more active in honing my drawing skills and pursue sketching almost daily. I've always worked with a mechanical pencil because I love clean, precise and fine lines. But lately, I find myself gravitating towards raw, gestural, bold and messy lines. I think this is me breaking free from perfectionist limitations by embracing my flaws through my work. So naturally, I've been choosing pencils with thicker leads and I find 7B to be perfectly smooth and dense for my bold strokes. Take a peek of my sketches using the pencils here and hereFor more doodles, sketches and daily adventures, follow me on Snapchat: jamie_catt



Layering With Watercolor

Every single day is a learning moment for me, even with mediums that I'm most accustomed with. I find this guide to be extremely constructive and useful. As I always mention, a great way to hone your skills is to try out new things and experiment. I have my own style of layering with watercolors, and it's not to say that I find my method wrong, but it's fun to explore other avenues for the same technique and see what you'll come up with!



Dan Matutina's Illustration

Dan Matutina combines geometrical shapes and textured graphics to create witty, illustrative pieces. Looking through his portfolio, I was captivated by all of his works. Take a peek at some of my favorite: Wrong Ramen, Poster Society, Armored School For The Awful Future, Black and Gold,  and Pokemon All-Stars.

Do watch the animated illustration of his work, Loud Voices Together Are Heard made for National Resources Defense Council. It talks about humanity taking action to save our planet and it's a concept that has touched me deeply. Standing for our planet and the creatures that lives in it is something I'm strongly passionate about.

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