The Creative List VII


Competition Is Your Friend by The Accidental Creative

We all know that competitiveness brings out the best in us and that stays true to our works. In this episode, Todd Henry talks about a practice that uses the power of competition to spark ideas for creative work while at the same time fueling your knowledge.



How To Get Out of A Creative Rut (For Bloggers and Creatives) by A Pair & A Spare

Creative blocks are like slippery creatures, you never know when they're going to hit you. With tons of advice to overcome such a rut, I find Geneva Vanderzeil's tips to be worth a try. Although we might already know some of the tips to be true, I certainly have done some of it myself even before I read the article, it still feels good to be reminded of the why. She touched upon some great pointers and I love how she explained things in minute detail, from cleansing your space to disconnecting, these words of advice can go a long way.



Handbound Leather Journal

I've been getting back into the habit of penning my thoughts down and ideas down. With the mounds of sketchbooks and journals I have at my arsenal, I always refer back to this one journal that I've had for more than a year now and I have yet to fill it's pages. So I unearthed it from my closet and started writing on it again. For some reason, it has a special place in my heart since it's been with me during countless of travels. It's filled with the most random things that I've documented and picked up from my adventures, from half-baked ideas, recipes, notes and sketches, to bus tickets, pressed flowers and scraps of paper.

You can see snippets of my journal entries here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9. I love how smooth the paper is and as you can see from the snippets, it can hold ink and markers surprisingly well. Although with it's paperweight and being relatively thin, it would bleed through if you're not careful. Otherwise, I love it as it is. I've searched for the perfect leather bound journal for such a long time and this one has met all my desires, not to mention it's locally handmade by Alunsina, which adds character to it. Once you've held one in your hands, you'd know that it was crafted with love.



Drawing for Graphic Design: 6 Exercises to Sharpen Your Skills

Whether you're a designer or an artist, these exercises will help you train your eye and guide you in understanding some of the different elements of drawing, like motif, value, contour, and gestures. The only difference with this exercise is that it involves how each element contributes to the design process.



The Old Boys' Club

If you have been following my Snapchat (jamie_catt), you might have seen me posted a snap of The Old Boys' Club a few weeks back. I discovered their work in Art Central and I was immediately drawn to their aesthetics and concept. I personally love their following series of works: Harmony, Emptiness, Simplicity, Etc., Sur le Motif, Organizing Chaos, and La Destitution de la jeune fille. They weave illustration, animation and design into their embodiment of work and create a beautifully chaotic yet constructive illustrations that are pleasing to the eye.

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