The Creative List VI


Let's Make Weird Songs by Reese Lansangan

Reese Lansangan, a friend and a fellow collaborator who refers to herself as a multi-talented sushi, never fails to inspire me with her creative soul and way of thinking, all while saying out of this world yet mundane observations like "People eat romance like hotcakes". Her verbal animations illustrates these random, quirky images in my head which also leads to amazing pointers worth noting. In this particular talk, she weaves a wonderful speech about music and the norms of society.  Sometimes, I wonder what it's like to be inside her creatively genius mind. I bet it's pretty awesome.



On Saying No by Seth Godin

I recently stumbled upon Seth Godin's blog while researching for SEO and other blog related things. His webspace was linked in one of the articles I read and I couldn't be any more glad that I discovered it. His writings are incredibly relatable and speaks volumes about reality. This specific article stood out to me because I could relate to it in so many levels. As a creative, we need to create things that matter, and saying no to certain projects and other kinds of work you believe is not aligned with your ethics is a huge part of that. Godin illustrated this perfectly in his writing.



Holbein Soft Pastel

My recent trip to the art store had me splurging on soft pastels. I've been wanting to explore softer colors in my work as opposed to dark and vibrant ones, so I took this a great opportunity to practice with a different medium. If you've been following me on Snapchat (jamie_catt), you'd see that I've been sketching almost daily and have been mixing medias in my sketches (like marker, pen, graphite and pastel) to challenge myself.

Lately, I've been incorporating pastels on my work and Holbein did not disappoint (not a surprise, since I've been hearing a lot of great reviews about the brand). The pigments are rich and it creates a great velvety texture that adds an element of ethereal feel to my drawings. Not to mention how beautifully it blends with one another, which is what I'm always after when it comes to rendering. The range of colors I chose were earth tones consisting of blues, browns and pinks.



Basics of Soft Pastels

This is a comprehensive guide to using soft pastels. It basically just breaks down the basic tips and techniques to use with the medium. For those wanting to explore a new medium or perhaps been wanting to work with pastels, this would be a good starting ground to study.




A multi-award winning film, this documentary follows a young girl who sailed around the world alone at the age of 15. I saw this from my friend, Camie's Snapchat, last month and as usual, curiosity got the best of me so I searched for it on Netflix. It's a remarkably inspiring documentary that would make you question your dreams and goals and push you to pursue what you're passionate about.

You'll get a lot of great inspiring pointers and realizations from the struggles and difficulties all the way to the winning situations that a 15-year-old girl went through. For that, Laura Dekker is a stubborn, passionate being who proved the ultimate outcome when you stand for what you believe in and pursue what you love doing. I love how she stood by her dreams and followed them through. And that, in itself, is just downright motivating.

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