The Creative List V

Last week was all about immersing in the arts. Flying to Hong Kong to experience a three day art fiasco via Art Central, Art Basel and HK Walls was a moment worth defining. I was filled to the brim with inspiration that, for tonight's list, I'm dedicating it to articles that related to my experience.



Everyday Acts of Bravery

A shortened version of Todd Henry's on Brilliance Demands Bravery. This podcast highlights seven keynotes on what requires our creative courage in order to produce great work. Anyone who creates takes risks and this quick talk will help you define the every day acts you must take to build your courage.



Three Simple Steps To Understand Art: Look, See, Think

An article on understanding art in three easy steps. The next time you go to an art show, gallery or fair, refer to this when you want to understand the visual work standing right in front of you.



Prints Swedish Design Notebook

From my last trip here in Hong Kong, Nick and I were wandering around Central when I spotted the stationary shop that I've been dying to check out ever since I laid my eyes on it a year or so ago. We decidedly went in and... Low and behold, everything was on sale. So predictably, I came out with a new sketchbook in a winsome periwinkle color that (for some odd reason) makes me really happy whenever I lay my eyes on it.

The verdict? So far, I'm loving it. Although, some type of pens (i.e. Sharpie) bleeds, and the paper is relatively thin so when you layer too much with markers it will see through sheet. Other than that, it's doing great for me so far. It works wonderfully with Copic, Micron, and Prismacolors. I haven't tried it with wet medium yet, but I don't really intend to use such sketchbooks for mediums other than dry.

Fact: I love keeping a variety of sketchbooks with me where I can switch depending on my mood. Plus, the difference in paper weight, type and texture really help me keep an upbeat flow to my work and gives a different outcome for each piece as well.



Looking At Paintings / Elements of Art / Four Ways of Looking At Art by Terry Smith

Last week, my sister and I immersed ourselves in art and went to Art Central and Art Basel in Hong Kong. In this age of technology and media, I would incessantly hear the shutters of the cameras going off (mine included / guilty as charged) and I wondered how others actually stop to appreciate and really look at the artworks and not just take photos of them? I myself would find it difficult to catch up to my sister as she plows through the galleries. I felt like a turtle, compared to her because I take a good minute or two looking at the artworks (another minute for taking a photo) and sometimes it doesn't feel like it's even enough to understand the complexity and beauty of each piece.

I wanted to understand and bring a fresh perspective whenever I look at the pieces presented in front of me. So essentially, once I hit home, I researched about it and stumbled upon these comprehensive guides and I gleaned as much information on them as I could.

If you're an art enthusiast this would be a great study for you to look into. The videos and articles in the study explicitly explained in detail how to look and interpret elements in an artwork and it's incredibly eye-opening to view pieces in this manner.



HK Walls 2016

I've been sharing my experience with HK Walls 2016 this recent Easter Sunday. My recent post will lead you to an array of eye catching murals and artists deep in the action of their work. At the end of the post, I weaved together a short film on the event — shooting the process of the artists' works and interacting with the artist themselves. Hopefully this will leave you on an inspiring note just like it did me.

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