The Creative List IX


5 Non-Obvious (But Effective) Habits by The Accidental Creative

Habits becomes values, as Gandhi quotes; and habits, values and actions all impact our creative work. In this podcast, Todd Henry illustrates 5 areas to improve with daily habits, following the acronym F-R-E-S-H,  that we can incorporate into our practice.



Growth by Jeline Catt of Sartorialust

My sister has always been an inspiration to me and her writings and blog posts are no exception. In this compelling and inspiring post, she talks about her personal growth and proof that The Law of Attraction works. I've been adamant on my journey towards self-discovery since the latter part of 2015 and have read a pile of inspiring books which led me to start meditating and practicing yoga. To have her put into words about connecting with ones self and her journey is a great reminder me how growth is essential for the soul.



Canson Calque Tracing Paper

Tracing paper comes in handy for multiple studies and sketches of the same subject. I find this particular paper perfect for pen and graphite because of it's smooth texture. I've been tearing away at my own pad for a collaborative work that requires me to repeatedly sketch and explore certain subjects where I countlessly make necessary adjustments to proportions and variations. It saves me the fuss of doing everything from scratch.



Principles of Design

Illustration and Design inevitably goes hand in hand with each other and recently, I've been venturing into the latter. Mainly, what pushed me to ease into design work is my current collaborations with brands. Working side by side with fellow creatives allows me to explore different areas of my field, this being one of them. In this quirky animation, geometric shapes and values are illustrated to explain the most basic terms used in design that every artist should know.



The Jungle Book

If you follow my work and process, you'd know how in love I am with animals and nature and how it plays a significant role in my creative work. So naturally, you could say I was thrilled to see the latest rendition of The Jungle Book a few weeks back.

Thoughts? It was hands down incredible. The animation, graphics and overall film direction was amazingly beautiful and inspiring all throughout. It had me itching to sketch all of the characters shown in the movie. My absolute favorite scene was the gathering at the Peace Rock. All creatures of the jungle, predator and prey, came to gather and be in the presence of one another for common survival. It was magical. I've always loved The Jungle Book and could still remember my childhood singing the song "The Bear Necessities", which played on a loop in my mind days after watching the film.

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