The Creative List IV


How To Build Your Creative Confidence by David Kelley

On TEDx Talk, David Kelley talks about overcoming your fear of creative judgment and self-efficacy which is gained by building confidence. (Although this is a short YouTube video, I listed it under this category because at the time I simply just listened to it, like a podcast, instead of watching it.)



The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

In love we find out who we want to be. In war we find out who we are.

This... This is simply an astounding book. I just finished this novel last Sunday and I was trying my best not to let my tears fall at how beautiful and heartbreaking it is.

Set in the time of WWII in France, it follows the stories of two sisters, Vianne and Isabelle, during the war. It's a heart-captivating novel. Hannah weaves a phenomenal tale of loyalty, love, courage and bravery in times of war and trial. If you're into historical fiction with a twist of love, then this is the perfect read to pick up. (It didn't win Goodreads' Choice 2015 for nothing!)



Daler-Rowney Sketchbook

When I attended my first day in SCAD, we had an assignment that required an A3 ring bound sketchbook that'll serve as a dumping and documenting ground for our ideas, designs and sketches. Even though I dropped my classes, I still have this (barely used) notebook tucked in my closet in Hong Kong. Now, I'm perusing it again for loose sketches and gestural studies. I love how thick the paper is and how it works perfectly with mixed media. In class, I've tried using ink, charcoal and graphite on it and it handled everything well. I seriously recommend this sketchbook, especially for artists who works mostly with dry medium and ink. (I have yet to try it with watercolor, so I'm not certain what the results will be with that one.)



Writing A Manifesto

I'm halfway through Louder Than Words by Todd Henry and currently, I'm in the chapter of Identity where it talks about self-discovery through authenticity and uniqueness. Under that scope, it talks about creating a good manifesto and ever since I got to that part, I was inspired to create my own as a guidepost for my beliefs and not just because the author urges the reader to do so. It's one of those "I can't sleep until I do this" kind of thing and for me, those moments are when I most feel alive, that's why I wanted to include it for this volume's list. That being said, I've been studying and researching on how to get it done and just recently, I finished creating an outline for one.



Paris In The Year 1900's: A Photo Documentary Commissioned By Albert Kahn

I first stumbled upon these early color (film) photographs of Paris while I was scrolling through my Facebook feed. Suffice to say, I am incredibly awestruck with the collection that these photographers took, namely Leon Gimpel, Stephane Passet, Georges Chevalier and Auguste Leon who were all commissioned by Albert Kahn to capture the life in the City of Love using the first color photography process called Autochrome Lumière. I simply fell in love. It felt like I was transported back in time. These photographs speak boldly of its timeless nature and surreal yet everyday occurrence, that let's the viewers see how life was a century ago; and you know how much I love the classics...

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