The Creative List III

Last week, I spent my days traveling to Hong Kong and Dubai so I wasn't able to properly throw together a creative list. Despite being bombarded with tons of inspiration from my trip (which I can't wait to share), I already had a draft waiting in my line of posts but never got a chance to publish. So without further ado, here's what I missed sharing with you last week.



The Accidental Creative: Making Your Ideas Resonate With Others

We all have ideas that we want to be heard. Armed with questions and tips, this podcast episode will guide you to making your ideas resonate.



Ready, Player One by Ernest Cline

I recently finished this book last month and man... I. LOVED. IT. For someone who isn't into sci-fi novels, this particular one was a killer and got me into the game. Ernest Cline now made it to my top list of favorite authors. And believe me, I'm a picky reader. I especially recommend this to all gamer geeks out there, you'll be instantly hooked and thrust into a world where online gaming becomes your reality and the race for the ultimate egg hunt will have you on the edge of your toes.



Copic Ciao Markers

Aside from watercolors, pen and markers are also my tools of the trade. But I never really flourished in that particular skill set since I focused more on painting. Now, I'm getting back to the game and practicing sketches with these gems. I've always loved working with Copic ever since my mom brought them home a few years ago, albeit I've rarely used it. Recently, I asked my friend if he could get me a sepia set and a few gray colors while he was in Japan and needless to say, I was ecstatic with them. Bottomline: I'm extremely happy with this range and prefer them over to their sketch line. Not only is it cheaper, but the markers build has a better grip and easier to work with than the latter.



Chiaroscuro (1, 23)

This art technique, which means value of colors and was first used by Leonardo da Vinci, is something that's been playing in my mind the past week before I started my travels. So I decided to satiate my curiosity and research what it's all about. Art students might be familiar with this term. It's something I heard way before but never really studied its meaning. I've always been a research enthusiast when it comes to art techniques since I love learning something new, and this creative term is another addition to my growing list.




I first saw Elyoo's works at Restock when I dropped by to pick up my artworks from their previous installation. I've always been drawn to portraits and her works are no different. Playful and bursting with colors, her miniature paintings instantly caught my eyes. Her on-going 100 Days of Portraits is a brilliant project and is displayed as part of Restock's current installation that will last until March.

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