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It seems listography has been an on-going trend around the blogging community for a long time now. While I've been secretly meaning to try my hand at it, I struggled countless of times. It felt like I could never pinpoint what type of list I want to share even though I had an inkling of an idea. So I would abandon the notion and go back to it time and again. Yet, there's that nagging and desirable feeling to share what inspires me and what sparked my imagination or my creativity.

And so, after some trials and errors, I finally settled on curating what I'd like to call, Between The Lines for creatives and non-creatives alike. It's just like any list in the millions of lists out there (it's like a sister list of The Sunday Currently), but with the purpose of helping you connect with your innovative persona, spark your inspiration, fuel your endless imagination, open your mind to countless possibilities, boost your self-awareness, experiment with new tools and so on. Whatever floats your boat.

And of course, it shows the kind of things I'm into. Who am I with the things that inspire me? It's also a great note to my future myself; that I could go back to these lists whenever I need a pick-me-up.

So with that, I present to you my first ever list:



After The Jump: Episode 100 - Lessons Learned On After The Jump

A lot of eye-opening and relatable life lessons going on in this podcast episode. It's the very first one I listened on After The Jump, which of course, had me tuning in to their stream!



Louder Than Words by Todd Henry

It talks about harnessing your authentic voice by talking about the three pillars or driving forces behind it: Identity, Vision and Mastery. With points of reflection, real life stories and denoted practices, it's a remarkable guide to honing your voice so that you could make a resounding and lasting impact in the universe.



Derwent Charcoal & Graphite Sticks

These sticks are great for loose studies and big sketches. I've recently been working on a lot of animal studies to practice my hand at quick sketching and my eye for composition. Working with charcoal and graphite sticks helped me capture a lot of free movements in my drawings.



Understand Value and Color by Stan Miller

Being self-taught, I never really delved into any formal lessons (aside from a basic watercolor workshop I attended a few years back but aside from that...) I mainly focus on creating work as much as I can and learn from the experience. So when I stumbled upon this video that was posted on an online watercolor community, I clicked on it out of curiosity. In the process learned a new side to value and color, in terms of painting. It's definitely worth the watch, especially for amateurs like me.



Julius Redillas

The first time I saw his works at the Art Fair Philippines, I was immediately drawn to his technique and aesthetic. (Not because the three initial pieces I saw of his were of watercolor animals... Nope. Not at all.) His loose yet minimalist paintings capture so much attention that it just sucked me in. It stood out in the sea of contemporary masterpieces and I immediately distinguished his works when I was going around the various galleries at the recently concluded art fair.

If any of these things sparked your creativity, let me know! I would love to hear your story.

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