The Art of Giving & Receiving



The heart that gives, gathers.



This commission work reminded me of the beauty that goes with giving freely and receiving freely.

A client approached me to paint for someone dearly as a surprise. It was a personal gift and after he explained to me what it was for, I was more than happy to do it and was even more thrilled at the prospect of being part of it.

Both the client and I put a lot of thought on the work, to make it special for his friend. Even though I wasn't specifically tasked to paint anything in particular, I wanted the illustration to speak of something magical and something that reminded me of childhood, where innocence and fascination is at the heart of a creative soul. 

Since it was a birthday gift, I wanted it to be a celebrating reminder of the beauty of our younger selves and not just the future ones to come. I believe childhood is the heart of our imagination, where everything is vivid, new and amazing; where our inner curiosity lies; and how it all connects us to the adult versions of ourselves in creating our own reality.

It was also through this project that I got a glimpse of the encompassing gift of giving freely and wholeheartedly. There was, of course, an underlying story to the whole scenario, but in retrospect, the person giving the gift didn't expect anything in return, he simply wanted to give a lovely present for someone he truly cares about despite everything that occurred between them. From the story he recounted to me and the joy from which he spoke in his heart, told me that he received something even more special in return and it was heartwarming to witness and be a part of how the Universe worked in that certain moment.

That being said, we live in a world of give and receive, as Jen Sincero aptly puts it in her book, You Are A Badass. Call it karma, balance or whathaveyou. But it's a wonderful thing to have. Truly, in return, the Universe gives back something equally, if not more, magnificent than that of what we give.

When we devote our work to giving freely, we feel a lightness in our soul and the souls of the ones we touch.

Through this simple task, I am also reminded of the pleasure in knowing that all the work, effort and passion I put on a certain project brings an equal joy and love to its recipient.

Let's create work that makes our heart sing.