Sunny Bay Mornings


Our fourth and last day in Hong Kong started out in the quiet district of Sunny Bay, taking in the scenery and the silence. It was a secluded place where were joined by two bystanders on a foggy morning. I heard of this offbeat spot from my sister's shoot with Brian Chan of Rhea Magazine. She mentioned it was a beautiful, unfrequented area where one can just sit and relax with the view of the bay, so we went ahead and sought it out.

The weather was perfect, if not a bit breezy. It was cloudy but the few rays of sun that shone through warmed us up. Seeing as the weather in Hong Kong was still dropping even though it's already summer, it was a lovely day to enjoy the moment nonetheless.

One of the things I love is discovering simple places like this. It opens up my mind and reminds me that there is beauty and wonder underneath all the façade. In order for us to unearth these hidden treasures, we need to be willing to look past what we know and see on the outside and acknowledge what's beneath. Personally, that's what makes exploring magical: stumbling upon things most people overlook and having the chance to appreciate all of it.

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