Slow Sunday


A refreshing, slow Sunday by the beach house.



I've had a thousand trips with friends that's always full of misfit and adventures. Rarely was it the calm and peaceful kind where you mostly catch up on your zzz's and just lounge by the beach with small conversations and good company. (One of this was our trip to Santa Cruz, which I'll be sharing the story soon!)

Waking up on Sunday feeling refreshed from tuning in early the night before, we were ready to actually go out in the sun and have some fun. It was funny how the day before, the exact moment we got to Gab's beach house (named, Hacienda De Leon) we all passed out until lunch time and then again after cooking and having our lunch. Basically, we basically spent the whole day sleeping and eating. Not that anyone could be blamed. We were tired. Especially since I didn't sleep all Friday night due to a previous party. But it was all well and good.


There are good days and then there are good and slow days. This day seemed to be the latter. Waking up early for a morning shoot, snorkeling in the rocky seas, cooling off by the pool then heading off to the market to buy some fruits was our Sunday agenda. While our last night consisted of a good dinner, (my sister cooked the falafel we brought at our favorite organic market and it was the bomb), drove to 7-11 to pick up some booze and chips, played Cards Against Humanities, and exchanged horror stories. It was a way to cap our weekend getaway. I could have never ask to spend a better weekend than this.



There are good days, and then there are good and slow days.



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