Sketchbook Scenes



Create to create. To remind yourself you're still alive. To inspire others to make something too. To learn a bit more about yourself.



Scenes that are playing on my mind and sketchbook for the past few days: treehouses, galactic air balloons, starry skies, rushing rivers, snowcapped mountains, and rugged terrains.

It feels liberating to sketch mindlessly; letting your heart and hands lead the ink on paper. Oftentimes, we work our minds on overdrive that we forget to just slow down and simply let go. As the weekend approaches, give yourself a chance to wind down and step away from the thousands of distractions that assail you at every turn; may it be the constant ping of messages, a cat vying for your attention or some work needing to be finished.

Tune it all out and allow a simple, quiet moment to yourself, letting your mind wander freely and in peace.

Sketch, write, and just be.