Silver Linings


2016 has been a string of new experiences and challenges: from settling into a new environment, to developing new relationships and nurturing old ones, to living in independence and appreciating the simple things that I used to overlook. It's a hot pot of gratitude, homesickness, patience, maturity and willfulness — a whirlwind of events and tough learnings that changed who I am. Pursuing my dreams on the other side of the hemisphere gave me the courage and will to stand on my own two feet and realize how lucky I am to have what I have now. I went through a period of unfortunate events but clung on to positive thoughts that developed the strength and hope to break through difficult situations. That being said, the past year has been a series of silver linings.

In the chain of events, I went through a breakup that made me value relationships, lost a job that made me own up to my mistakes, sought a place to live in the city and moved alone that made me appreciate family and the true meaning of home, struggled financially that made me conscious and respectful of money and hard earnings and a whole lot of other deals. Through all these moments, I never once faltered in my faith that things will get better, and true enough it always did. For every negative circumstance, the Universe replaced it with a positive moment: losing a relationship but developing new ones and finding home in my group of friends, losing a job but getting financial support from other means, having difficulties with my living situation but eventually finding a place near my campus and living with kind and lovely roommates that I could ever ask for. That's just a part of it.

Closing another chapter of the year calls for a reflection and a new set of intentions for 2017. Thinking through everything that I went through last year, I wrote own five words that chose to focus on to ground me this year. By letting these words weave it's way to my life, it will guide me when things go astray:


To radiate good energy and be filled with vibrancy.


To appreciate and be aware of the little moments in life, to strive towards a compassionate and conscious lifestyle and remember to listen to my mind and body and take care of myself.


To reflect, gather creative insights and learn from the constant things happening in life.


To inspire, and consistently seek ways to contribute to the community, environment and to the Universe.


To be filled with light and positivity in all circumstances, to love and be in love with life.

I find that setting words of intention instead of goals help me fulfill more value in my life. It's a better game-changer than listing down goals which I know will eventually lose it's way as the year rolls on. So which words are you choosing this year to let in your life? It can be as simple as one or as bold as ten. It's up to you to let yourself think and feel what you desire and need for the next 12 months living in this Universe.

Let's greet the year with good intentions and let it fill you with light and love and guide you through 2017. 


Photos by Jeline Catt

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