Self-Portraits Around San Francisco


Self-Portraits by Jeline Catt

Killing a few hours in the airport as I type this post, while my sister and I wait for our boarding call for SFO. Rewinding to earlier this year when I spent New Year's with my family in the bay area. Winter in San Francisco and Oakland has got me all layered and bundled up.

Now, it's Fall and in less than a day, we'll be landing halfway across the hemisphere. It seems that whenever we visit our brother, it's always during the colder time of the year. Not that I'm complaining. I do love layering on sweaters and coats and wearing my favorite pair of boots to keep me toasty.

A few days after New Year's, our brother took us up close to see the Golden Gate Bridge, visited Palace of Fine Arts and spent the remainder of the afternoon in Fisherman's Wharf to grab lunch and walk around (a place close to my heart since it was something I vividly remember visiting when I was younger with my dad). We also walked around Ghirardelli Square and spotted a stall selling Hot Apple Cider. It was definitely one of the best drinks I ever tasted. (I certainly have a weak spot for apples and cinnamon.) Which reminds me, I should ask my brother if we can get some when we arrive.

That day, the sun was out making it a little warmer and casted a perfect moment for us to shoot. My siblings and I had no shame posing around Palace of Fine Arts and looking back it was definitely a funny moment.

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