Get Lost, Let Go


I believe that the heart of exploring is in letting go and getting lost.

I was never born to navigate — whether it be sitting at the passenger seat or wandering around town on foot. In fact, I despise it. That goes to say, my favorite role in this whole scenario is the researching and scouting of a certain place.

When I'm venturing out, I find that I'm either, a) often lost in my own head or b) too immersed in my surroundings, that sometimes it overwhelms me. And well... That doesn't really mix well with being in charge with directions... Which ends up with me handing off the responsibility to someone more inclined to figure out Google Maps or my companion getting frustrated with me (that involves snatching the phone while I'm trying to pinpoint where in the world we actually are) and taking matters into their own hands. The rest is history.

When Nick and I set off to explore Kennedy Town, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Despite the countless screenshots of the mapsand locations we were going to visit, we still ended up going around in endless circles, getting lost and asking a bunch of strangers for directions.

Eventually, we found ourselves strolling along Sai Ning Garden and later on discovering this hidden gem. Sai Wan is a well-known swimming shed in the heart of Kennedy Town where a few locals go to for a quiet afternoon, whether to take a refreshing dip in the water or simply hang around. We even witnessed a lovely old couple who braved the winter waters for a quick swim and a group of friends who were hunting for clams on the rocks, probably to cook for dinner.

After that, we got lost twice more trying to figure out where to go next. Needless to say, when the day ended, we were past the point of exhaustion that our feet were literally giving up on us. But for me, it was one of the best days of our trip. Our souls were brimming with the memories of laughter, hunger, joy, frustration and the in-betweens.

At the heart of it all, getting lost makes everything feel genuine and real. Too often, my perfectionism gets in the way — the need to have everything planned, in order and on schedule — wrecking havoc on the true sense of adventure. It was at this moment that I was reminded to let go and let the Universe do its own thing; to embrace imperfections, disarray, and spontaneity.

Eventually, when we let the reins loose everything will simply fall into place. 

So don't forget to get lost and let go every once in a while.