New Beginnings


It's been a while since I last devoted myself to writing a blog post and I've missed it. I feel like I have a lot of ideas, thoughts and stories that I've been excited to tell in the months that I've been out of this virtual space. But the real world demanded so much of my energy and attention that I never got to sit down and write anything that I feel was substantial enough to share.  

When Christmas Break finally came, I was able to focus my attention on transferring my website to another platform and re-designing this space. That being said, I wanted to start with this introductory post to give you an insight of what I've been working on this past month and why I decided to transfer over to Squarespace

Ever since I started blogging and building a portfolio for my work, I have been using Wordpress as my official website when I got over the Tumblr era. It's a great platform, no doubt, but I found that it didn't work so greatly for me now as much as it did back then. As my career and my interests grew, so did the things that I wanted to create and share in this space. 

Many of you might wonder what exactly was wrong with my previous website. Even though it seemed like everything was working great and I didn't have any qualms with the design and layout itself, the usability of the platform was my main concern. I was managing my website and my blog separately because I couldn't find a layout that worked best for both. I felt like it was all over the place and that it was a bit chaotic to manage. I didn't have as much freedom in the layout of my blog as I do now and that made me less enthusiastic about blogging itself. It worked for me at first because my priority was focused more on showcasing my portfolio than blogging. Over the years, I found that I started to be more passionate about writing and producing content for my blog. However, it became difficult for me to manage both sites which eventually came to a point where I was demotivated to blog because of its inconvenience. That is not to say that the platform is at fault here, but merely the fact that my needs have shifted and I had to find a different space to cater to it. We use certain applications, products, and platforms because it meets our needs and gives us a pleasurable experience to interact with and use on a regular basis. If there's one thing I learned after studying a semester with Interaction Design is that technology serves us and not the other way around. Technology makes the work easier for us but because our needs and our interests are constantly changing, so does technology and what we interact with daily. It evolves and it changes as we do.

Wordpress was a great starting point (and a part of me still vouches for it as a blogging platform) but I felt like a change was needed. More so now that I've become more invested in creating a professional portfolio that will house my creative work, having branched out of my career in Illustration and jumping straight into the field of Design. On top of that, I'm planning to be more devoted to writing consistently on my blog and the layout for Squarespace makes it more inspiring to do so. So far, I'm in love with the interface, the layout and the convenience that this platform offers.  

With that, I greet the new year with a new home for my virtual space. Cheers to a fresh start! 

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