Rhythm of Peace


It's been a while since I let out any thoughts here in my creative space and I've been missing writing things that have been playing around in my mind for so long. It seems that I can never find the time nor energy to do anything personal amidst all the work that's piled up on me. But this week is a week of winding down after the crazy midterms we just endured and working at the store over the weekend. These nights have been devoted to unloading ideas and feelings out onto paper and it feels like a heavy weight has been lifted.

In this moment, I'm treasuring the soothing rhythm of peace and rest because I know things are about to pick up and get crazy again. I have a lot to share and I can't wait to share them with you lovely beings gracing my blog. Before I sign off, let me share with you a couple of self-notes that I've been repeating over and over whenever I need a reminder of how beautiful life is and how the Universe always seem to know the perfect timing and opportunity to bring to my life (especially when things get a little haywire):

The Universe is working in the details of my life.

Everything is as it should be. I am on the right path and my journey is just beginning.

I have faith that everything is falling into place.

Every decision I make brings me a step closer to my dreams and shaping the person I become.

Every single moment connects with one another to create a ball of awesomeness that makes up my life.

The world is full of universal love and magic to ever let my heart and mind be clouded with non-sequential matters. 

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