Relearning My Craft Through Teaching A Workshop


A Teaching Experience

Doing work that you're passionate about is one thing, but sharing and teaching it to others is an entirely different phenomena.

One of the memorable moments I had last year was having a watercolor workshop where I shared everything I knew about the medium and my own creative process. Through this experience, I was able to relearn my craft by going back to the basics (knowing how fundamental it is to one's practice) and cultivating my social skills (when it comes to dealing with different types of people in an intimate group and environment).


Relearning My Craft Through Teaching

Working on a lesson plan for the workshop gave me the chance to go back and study all the techniques and details that I forgot along the way.

If you're someone who is deep into your craft and have been practicing it for years, you'll tend to forget the fundamental basics of it as you go and develop your own style. Maybe it's just me, but we always have this human habit of doing things our way especially when we're so familiar with the medium and process. By doing studies and research for the workshop, it allowed me to recall the basic painting styles and made me realize what kind of techniques I've incorporated into my painting process and the many ways I could further improve and experiment with it. Knowing the basics helps. After all, it is the foundation of every craft and having the idea of it gives the artist a chance to build the skills even more. That being said, having the knowledge made me feel more connected and comfortable with my medium, which is fundamental when teaching it to others. You have to know what you're talking about, and adding studies with experience takes it to another level of awareness.


Cultivating Social Skills

Another opportunity that I was given through this event is the ability to cultivate my social skills and self-discover how I interact with a particular group of people having variety of age and background.

Teaching allows you to be flexible and sensitive to the student's needs and know when they need assistance.

It's a skill that I admire through others who does this for a living. All that energy and excitement in a room, knowing you have to interact with every single one of those energies, can be exhausting yet incredibly fulfilling and heartwarming.

This experience have been an achievement. To finally teach what I'm passionate about to others has been a dream in itself and every day I wish I could go back and relive it. Everything about that moment was absolutely magical and full of energy.

I never knew how enlightening and fulfilling it is to teach and share what you love to others, who are as equally eager to learn. Thanking the universe for making things possible and for giving me incredible opportunities as I continue to move on to my next journey.