Razzle Dazzle


Shot & Edited by Jeline Catt | MCM Art Space Installation by Tobias Rehberger


Fluorescent lights, digital manipulations, and an iconic installation all sums up to this psychedelic collection that resembles Kemi Mai's exquisite paintings.


A dazzling scene at its finest; taken at the MCM's flagship store turned art space in Hong Kong created by German Contemporary Artist, Tobias Rehberger. He worked with a paradox of color and shapes making an exquisite illusion.


The MCM Art Space Installation is remarkable, with geometric lines and neon lights adorning the walls of the interiors. Located along Queen's Road Central, the flagship store is turned into an illusive art space. Dazzling and striking are two adjectives that came to mind upon entering the store. Needless to say, it felt like being in an optical illusion itself.

MCM invited me to reinterpret their iconic luggage collection and I responded by replacing the synonymous all-over MCM logo with my own recognizable 'dazzle camouflage' interpretation of the logo.

The artist explores the wider sphere of structural design and architecture, thriving on chance connections and unexpected counters, which can be seen from his work. His collaboration with the brand combined the aesthetics of his art and MCM's iconic collection. Geometric shapes and vibrant colors adds illusion and visual paradox to a certain piece, both elements giving me much enthusiasm and a flow of inspiration.