Pico de Loro


Every day we are surrounded by the vast magnificence of the world.


The solidity of the soil beneath our feet. The sparkle of sunlight between the canopy of trees. The coolness of a breeze gone by. These are the things I treasure — the stillness and the slow steady rhythm of life.

All these we feel at each passing moment yet most of the time it slips by unnoticed. We miss the profound in quiet moments because of the constant chase and chatter in our headspace. The only way to be fully present is to clear our minds and reconnect with the Universe.

Two weeks back, Nick and I headed out in the wee hours of the morning to go for a day hike. Walking on the forest path, just the two of us relishing in the peace that blanketed us. We would often lapse into a comfortable silence, listening to the birds melodies, to the leaves rustling. But time and again, we would break the silence with stories that compelled us during our time apart. Along the way, we encountered fellow hikers and struck up a friendly conversation with them. Another thing I cherish: connecting, not only with Mother Nature, but with fellow men; exchanging pleasantries and connecting over commonalities.

But the most incredible part? Reaching the top and being surrounded by a magnificent view of the Southern mountains.

Pico de Loro proved to be an exquisite hike. Rappelling up and down the so-called Monolith was no easy feat and I almost found myself sliding off the rock. But in the end, I mustered up my courage, overcame my silly fears and went for the rope without a backward glance; ever thankful to our guide for lending us a hand and guiding us to both points.

Climb the Summit? Check. Climb the Monolith? Double check. 

Every adventure feels like a success. Ticking away at a mental bucket list that I've conquered and dared. Hiking Pico de Loro is no different. In fact, it feels like a huge achievement. Not only because I've been wanting to go for the past few months, but because hearing stories of how the mountain will not be the same in a few year's time urged me to see it before it completely changes. The Summit is slowly becoming a dangerous and untraversable hike. It's rapidly falling apart. Yet, another reminder of how everything evolves so swiftly. Nature undergoes such a fleeting transformation, and we only contribute further to the cause, which is both fascinating and tragic. As a result, we learn to adapt to the ever-changing nature of the Universe. But it goes to say that we should cherish the here and now, because it will never be the same tomorrow or the next month or the next year. Grasp every chance before it slips through your fingers.

Nevertheless, I salute and embrace the change. The future is always unknown and nothing is ever set in stone. So cheers to metamorphosis, to letting go of the old and welcoming the new, to future adventures and to loving every single moment and challenge that comes with it.



Every single thing is thriving in life and energy. All we have to do is connect with it - with ourselves and with the Universe - to witness and experience its magic.




There is balance. There is strength. There is nature. Then there is love. Only when we tap into these sources do we feel a lightness in our hearts that makes it sing.


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