Own Your Step


The beginning of 2015 marked my first collaboration with Renegade Folk and Anina Rubio to bring you a collection of prints this May! It's been a couple of months since we worked on this project together and we're thrilled to announce that the RF Team has finally launched the collection on their site!

If you haven't come across Renegade Folk yet, it is a local artisan brand which produces handcrafted sandals that speak volumes of comfort and style. For the lovely ladies who are keen on looking for a new pair for your summer escapades, you sure can count on Renegade Folk to provide you with a fashion statement.

For this collaboration, the goal was to design around the type that Anina created beforehand. Seeing as I decided to work with graphite and ink as a medium, I figured adding a bit of gold will give it a pop of color. I was given absolute freedom to play around the concept and, as usual, I incorporated my main focus of work into it, which was animal illustrations in the form of silhouettes. Even so, I still wasn't satisfied with just those elements. So I decided to add further details by topping it off with a some linework, which mostly consisted of floral sketches.

To know more about Renegade Folk, visit their Website and Facebook and Instagram.