On The Streets of Hong Kong


Tai O Fishing Village

The quiet town of Tai O where locals and fishermen go about their daily tasks. 


It's incredibly humbling to see the livelihood of locals and these fishermen. 


Sheung Wan

The bustling streets of Sheung Wan where artists gathered for the annual street event, HK Walls.


Paola Delfin's work is definitely something. Her style spoke out to me the moment I spotted it from across the street. It was just pure luck that she happened to arrive the same time I was there and I got to ask her signature as a memento.  


Caught one of my favorite mural artist, Cara To, during the Hong Kong Walls 2016.


Struck up a conversation with an photographer (captured below) while mural hopping around the city.


Hong Kong, 2016   |   Canon AF35M II, Kodak Gold 200

Tonight, I unearthed a folder of film images that I totally forgot to share with you lovely souls on this space. I've been digging around my drive for photographs that I could include in my project for class that's due next week.

This semester I decided to take an Introduction To B&W Film Photography as an elective, which is totally unrelated to my course but something I'm passionate about. The class was highly recommended to me by my friend, Julien, last semester who was a Photography major and one who I got to know over similar interests in the said subject. He told me I would love the class since he saw how much I was into it during our conversations. I've been in the darkroom twice, when he invited me to watch him develop negative proofs and when one of my friends, Gabriel, developed photos from one of our pizza nights last year. It's fascinating to see the process and knowing how much I've been dying to learn and develop my own photos, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to sign up for the class.

We're only two sessions in, but I'm enjoying it so far compared to everything else I have for this semester. I can't wait to see how everything will unfold and how this class will challenge me in ways of composing my images, defining my way of photographic seeing, and manipulating the elements to build my creative style and process.

I have a few things up my sleeve that I can't wait to put up, so just hang in there! Last year, when I started my first semester back in college, I had a difficult time adjusting especially managing my time schedule, (therefore the radio silence on my blog and elsewhere...) I told myself that this time around, I'm committing to posting regularly and juggling my online presence with school and work. Now that I'm getting the hang of things and have settled in comfortably in the Bay Area, I have no excuse (except maybe during midterms and finals).

Wish me luck!

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