Hawaii, 2014   |   Canon AE-1, Fujifilm 200

Amidst everything going on in our lives, we have to remember to calm our minds every now and then, and be present in the moment. We need to create buffers in between everything we do. Taking a moment to pause and take deep breaths can make all the difference.

Looking back and seeing these captured moments gives me a sense of tranquility. Everything about the ocean calms me down. I've told the story of my childhood dreams countless of times to those who ask. Aspiring to become a Marine Biologist and save the animals when I was young seemed like a far fetched idea, especially now that I shifted to a creative path. But it's the anchor that grounded me and shaped my aspirations despite not being able to pursue it. (This just proves that I'm a Pisces through and through.) I believe we will always carry the passion and dreams of our youth until we grow up. Our childhood strongly affects who we are. And it's no wonder why my work focuses mainly on animals, landscape and nature. It's a reflection of who I am.

Despite the changes we go through in every stage of our life, there will always be certain things that we'll hold close to our hearts. And for me, it's my love for the ocean and all the wonder and mystery it holds. It's my haven.

Find the one thing that anchors and calms you down. Find your oasis.

ReflectJamie Catt1 Comment