Nourish & Flourish


As a creative, we're not only tasked to sharpen the creativity of our minds but also our hands. The past few months have challenged both my artistic skills and critical thinking in ways I could have never pushed its boundaries on my own. I've put a pause in my virtual world and focused on the matters at hand and it's been quite the ride. I found myself surrounded by creative, like-minded souls and a group of friends whom I consider family in a short amount of time. As finals week dawned upon us and the excitement of coming home stirred in our hearts, we were drowned with a mixture of emotions and projects that split our attention into two. It's a difficult thing to juggle, especially with the notion that we all just want everything to be over and done with. This means one thing: spending all-nighters in the studio and basically camping out there for days on end. I've only been home to take a shower, come back to class then work in the studio again. It's been an exhausting pattern, but in a way a rewarding one as well. That feeling of getting things done always gets my motivation going.

Despite drowning in our finals projects, I found a sense of calmness and familial feeling when working late at night in the studio with my friends. We were there supporting, helping and taking care of one another, and of course, trying to stay sane and have fun while we were at it.

With everything that life throws at us, we tend to forget to let go of our health and focus on menial things: not sleeping for days to finish a project, eating crap because you simply have no time to cook, and stressing about little things. I, myself, have succumbed to this black hole and have found myself in a state of disarray because of the habits I formed in times of stressful events. But slowly, I'm stitching myself back together (even though I have four projects to complete in the span of a week). Writing this entry gives back a little sanity to my soul and frees my mind of cluttered ideas waiting to be unleashed.

One of my good friends, Gabe would always tell me that there's something more substantial out there in the Universe than what we are dealing with right now. This would always help me push through whenever I need a breather from all the craziness.

Through all of this, I discovered that no matter what life throws at us, we must always find time to nourish ourselves. In the midst of crazy schedules and a bucket load of work, we should always spare time to unwind and let go of what's going on in our head — whether it be through sketching, writing, reading or whathaveyou. Do your own thing once in a while. You and I deserve it.

Nourish yourself in order to flourish in your work and creativity. 

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