The Neighborhood


O'ahu, Hawaii, 2014   |   Canon AE-1, Fujifilm 200

During our stay in Hawaii, we went back and forth to North Shore and Downtown. Albeit, we spend the majority of our time in North Shore where the beach was a walking distance from the cozy home we lived in. Whenever we drove around the place I would see beautifully structured houses (which I would definitely love to live in the future), so I decided to take a little look around. Being surrounded and getting to mingle with a good-natured community is certainly a great motivation to get me going as well. After my dad and I dropped my sister off at the airport, I decided to walk around the neighborhood and see what's out there.

Monster waves were already making a show that day and I was told the surfing competitions normally started during that season. It made me skip the idea of walking along shoreline for fear of the water rising up. (Although, I did pass by the beach to see how the waves were raging.) Instead, I took the path along the drive and kept walking until it started to drizzle and I had no choice but to go back.

It was breathtaking to witness such an incredible phenomena of the ocean and to be exposed to a pleasant lifestyle.

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