Mt. Tamalpais


Around the last week of August, we drove off to the nearest trail and had a quick hike to Mt. Tamalpais. It was a refreshing change of scenery from the dry hills and landscapes in Dixon which is where we currently live.The lush greenery and foggy morning made up for a lovely and peaceful trek up the mountain top.

My creative fuel has been running dry a few weeks prior to the hike, and I haven’t opened my sketchbook in a while. Being back in nature, surrounded by the different sensations from Mother Nature, gave me an influx of inspiration that urged me to pick up my paintbrush again. The process image of a recent painting I posted on my Instagram was sparked by this trip. It's been a magical respite from the whirlwind of transition and change that I've been through the past month. Moving to California has presented a million challenges, most of which that I've been battling since the day I got here. It's mentally and physically exhausting to say the least and to have a breather up in the mountains was a heavenly dream.

On a completely major and irrelevant note, classes just started and I've been meeting lots of amazing individuals and a wide pool of artists and creatives. It's incredibly fascinating to be around such a diverse group of people with the same passion and mindset. I feel like I've been thrown into the land of pixies and every person I see just has this certain aura and unique skill set and ideas with them that they can't wait to shape into existence.

In the first week of classes, I've already learned so much from my peers and mentors that my mind is going into overdrive from all the information it has to process (not to mention the assignments I have to deal with) I've attended art school in Manila, and it's absolutely nothing compared to this, not that I'm putting any negative light to it. There's a lot of creative freedom, constructive critiques, studio work and other things that I'm fairly new to. Needless to say, it's a bit of a culture and academic shock but in a really good way. It's not just of the mix of culture, with students attending from all corners of the Universe, but also the professors who are active professionals in their field. I've sat and ate lunch in a table full of illustrators who created posters for Marvel, worked for Pixar, does art murals and illustrates comics for a living and so on. It's mind-blowing to be around successful artists; to have them share their experiences and guide you building and delving deeper in your own creative work. Hopefully along the way, I can share what I've learned with you as well. I think that would be fun and enlightening!

P.S. Do expect a lag in my posts since I'm about to drown in schoolwork. I'll try my best to create fresh content on a constant basis to keep things upbeat and alive. Other than that, I do have a few more things and videos to share with you lovely souls, so stay tuned and wish me luck!

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