Mementos From Hawaii


Whenever I travel, I always have this habit of picking up things here and there. May it be something I need or just a little token that caught my eye. Collecting these gives me a moment of pause where I can reflect everything that happened when I was in that moment. It's the little things that help me remember and that's what I cherish most. Without further ado, here are the some of the keepsakes I brought home with me from my latest trip to Hawaii:


Collectible stickers from Malibu Shirts. Beach glasses and various sea shells accumulated during one of my bike excursions. Playlists and campfire anthems by Paul Izak from Halei'wa's Thursday Farmers Market (hearing him play live made me fall for his music). Bus tickets and transfers from the many rides to, fro and around downtown and North Shore. Exquisite flora collected during one of our hikes, dried and pressed in my journal. O'ahu coaster and a signed art print sighted at a quaint boutique in Hale'iwa.