MAP For Climate


Snake Revenge (Left), Octopus Revenge (Middle), Bug Revenge (Right) by Robert Alviola Alejandro


Left: Thaw by Jamie Catt | Right: Sabina Comforts Her Little Brother by Gem Deveras Mañosa | Bottom: I Am by Della De Leos


Origins VIII by Mars Bugaoan


Beauty of Survival by Nikolo Salazar


New Paradise by Lemuel Cunanan


Left: Unplugged by Van Tuico | Right: Bakasyon by Lotsu Manes

In lieu of Climate Week, Ambafrance Manille is hosting a series of activities dedicated to highlighting the role of civil society in facing the climate challenge called, 'COP21: The Road to Paris Starts in Manila'. Included in these series of action is an art exhibition which opened its doors last night. The artists' reception of MAP For Climate was held at Archivo 1984 Gallery, showcasing different expressions on our environment and works that inspire action to combat climate change.

One of my dreams is to have my work exhibited in a gallery, and last night was a small step towards that direction. When I heard about the call for artists for this particular exhibit through a friend of mine, I contemplated whether or not I should join. With a lot of work on my plate, I didn't know if I could add it to the list. I could have submitted an old work, but seeing as I can't find anything I feel that's relevant to the theme, I decided to create a new one. As usual, my decision was made at the very last minute.

A few days prior to my travels, I've been racking my brain to come up with fresh ideas. I narrowed them down to three, and eventually worked on just one with the limited time I have. The night before our flight, I started to sketch and lay down my first layers of paint, having self-doubts if I can ever finish the piece. When we arrived in Hong Kong, we ran on a tight schedule with only less than week to do our tasks and errands (which mostly included stocking up on art supplies and shopping for new clothes). Despite being exhausted from running around the city the whole day, I worked myself into squeezing an hour or two on the painting before I hit the sack and wake up early again the next day. Needless to say, I managed to finish the piece on time and was able to digitalize and submit it on the night of the deadline. (See what I mean by my last minute tendencies?)

It was quite nerve wracking not knowing whether or not my work would get selected, and the possibility of my energy and effort going down the drain. After the day passed where they'll confirm if my piece was chosen or not, I was a bit deflated. Regardless, I still had it framed in hopes of getting accepted and sent in another e-mail to see if they did indeed receive my submission. The universe responded to my wishes on Friday night when I received a message telling me that my e-mail got rerouted to another folder and that they would be curating my work for the show. The news was completely unexpected and I was over the moon. In the eyes of others, it may come off as a simple thing, but for me it's definitely a step closer to my dreams.

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