Magical Sunsets


Self-Portraits by Jazz Surema & Jolo Ortega

There's something about sunsets and the spirit of waters that simply refreshes the soul and washes away any negative energies that we manifest or latches onto our beings as we continue to interact and move throughout the day.

We are beings who thrive in energy, love and life. 

I believe there are two types of people that lives and breathes in our magnificent Universe: one who gives energy and sustains it, and one who receives energy and keeps it. As all it is in the world, everything is manifested in a state of balance.

As someone who creates energy within and for myself, I was never one who fares well in a large crowd for a long period of time. That's to say, I get easily exhausted whenever I'm surrounded by a group of people; the very reason why I'm not particularly fond of parties, preferring more of an intimate gathering between friends over anything else.

Throughout our journey, we will encounter beings who will give us energy, life and vigor and those who will draw it out from us — either in bits and pieces or in one sweeping moment — and that's absolutely normal. Whether we notice it or not is substantial. It's not to say that either one is good or bad in its entirety, but being aware of how certain people, beings, things and moments affects our auras and energies is significant if we are to live a life full of energy and love.

Through this, a realization dawned on me: despite being the type of person who gives off energy and easily gets exhausted from it, I also yearn to expand and share it with souls who surround me in a certain moment. I can imagine it like a blanket being gently laid on top of a person's aura, and though most of the time it exhausts me to do so, there's nothing more rewarding and uplifting to see how your energy affects other people in a positive light. In those particular moments, where I spread this kind of aura, I become refreshed in an alternately, magical way.

Positive energy attracts positive beings, and negative energy attracts negative beings.

As humans, we are dynamic and ever-changing and we shift from light to dark and vice versa in a short span of time. However, one thing I noticed that's constant when it comes to energy is nature. The ocean, the sunset, and every beautiful thing that makes up this Universe give off a heartwarming, positive spirit that we unconsciously embrace and crave for.

Ever wonder why being near the ocean and the mountains or watching sunrise and sunsets is one of the most refreshing and calming experiences we could ever feel? That's because it re-energizes our souls in the most significant way possible.

Humans are born from nature and our energies are created and formed from it. It is our well of being, and how we connect with the Universe determines the kind of aura we blanket ourselves with.

As a backstory, this particular moment was an exhausting day for all of us; running on low energy with little to no sleep after half a day of island hopping and ending in a long journey back to where we were staying. We were cold, damp and hungry during the entire ride. You could imagine the weariness that heavily blanketed us in the car. But despite the fatigue we felt, we encouraged one another to head to the beach and catch the sunset. To our luck, the tide was low and the sun was still hanging high in the sky, giving us time to appreciate and be in the moment with each others company. We tread lightly on ankle deep waters and revealed in the changing colors of the skies and the passing clouds.

An inkling feeling of replenishing our energies from the ocean and the setting sun settled upon us. It wasn't a rush but a trickle of overflowing abundance that entered our souls, refreshing our hearts and minds. Nothing felt more peaceful and invigorating than it was to be in that moment. Endless laughter and magical sunsets capped off our second day in Bolinao, paving the way for an epic night of gathering together and cherishing our growing friendship.

So be human and connect with the Universe and with nature. Watch the setting sun, drive by the ocean, inhale the fresh air, and refuel your soul with the abundance of love that the Universe manifests and makes for every remarkable being on this planet.