Embracing Winter


What better way to kick off the year but with a road trip in California? The 4-hour drive to Lake Tahoe made our snowy dreams come true. From snowcapped mountains to snow dusted trees, it was surely a sight to behold. My sister and I even spotted a few icicles hanging off from cabin rooftops, which I'm pretty sure is dangerous to be near to, but nevertheless still very cool to see (no pun intended). Despite having a fever and spending the previous night shivering in bed (a bit of a bummer since I've never missed greeting New Year), the road trip made up for all of it. And who wouldn't be happy sitting next to a pink furball in the car? Just look at how fluffy and adorable my sister is with her coat on. 

We weren't able to gather much photos on location, since we were freezing our toes off. Literally. We had to run back and forth to the car just to thaw off, trying not to slip and laughing at how absurd we're being once we get inside and turn on the heater. One of the highlights of was sledding downhill in the snow and I honestly can't remember laughing and panicking at the same time.

To sum up our snow filled day: it was an exhilarating experience, filled with the echoes of our smiles and laughter — and frozen toes, of course.