Hybridity & Abstraction


One of the things I enjoyed last semester was that I managed to explore different mediums and subjects for my work.

It was all about digging into deeper concepts and taking it to a whole different level. It's not just about skill-building and creating better works but the idea behind what you create.

When A Medium Defines The Creative Work

Taking up painting class made me realize that different mediums yield different creative work for me.

I guess since I was in the early stages of working with acrylics and wasn't really familiar and comfortable with the medium yet that I couldn't really focus much aside from getting the right texture, how I was going to mix my palette and what blending technique I should do. Although I was able to work a bit on mastering my skills and finding my blending technique, I felt like it wasn't the right medium for me to work with if I wanted to explore and deepen the conceptual part of my creative process. For the moment, it was perfect for still-life and animal portraits. There was only so much I can do with something that I have only been practicing for a short period of time. So eventually I asked my professor if I can work with watercolors instead. He was lenient enough to let me do my own thing while everybody else worked with oils and acrylics.


Exploring Hybridity & Abstraction

Even though I felt like I wasn't doing that well in class, it was one of the practices that really pushed me to explore my subjects deeper and have it evolve into a crazy mess of abstraction and hybridity. My professor ceaselessly encouraged me to work with mixed media and not to be hesitant to create a chaotic piece and let go of my need to create things in perfection. His usual expression for me would be to go wild. That helped a lot to develop my concepts and ideas which I had a hard time translating onto paper.

More than that, my critical thinking developed in ways that I never imagined. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who continue to question and take your ideas and place them on different perspectives and meanings opens you up to thinking in other ways as well.

I do wish to continue with this kind of work and hopefully I could expand this idea of knitting together different subjects and elements into one uncharacteristic and organic matter. With that, I leave you with this encouraging thought:

Continue to push your ideas and let it evolve to something new, no matter how crazy & abstracted it gets.