Hidden Falls Trail


Hiking allows me to be present in every step of the way.


Ever since I made the big move to California, I have come to appreciate my time spent with family. The closest one to me is my brother who lives in Dixon which is a few hours drive from downtown San Francisco, and I've never been more grateful that he's always been there for me. Despite the fact that he lives so close, I still rarely get to see visit him because we get so caught up with our responsibilities and our projects (at least, mostly I do). But whenever I do visit him during the weekends, it has become a sort-of tradition that we do some outdoor activity and both of us love hiking. Usually on a Saturday, we would drive to a nearby trail to have a breather and try a new place to eat afterward. It's one of the ways we have our brother-sister-bonding, and I've come to appreciate these moments ever since I moved to California. This time we drove all the way to Sacramento to experience The Hidden Falls Regional Park.

I have always been attuned to nature, and hiking has long since become my favorite activity ever since I went with my sister in Hawaii. One of the things that I love about it is that it allows me to reconnect with my thoughts and reflect on certain things, while I get to appreciate the moment. Ever since I was young, I have had this fascination with Mother Earth, and I continuously marvel at its beauty and abundance. 

I would say that I'm a very curious person and I would always explore, question and observe the space around me. Which is why, during hikes I try to absorb and appreciate as much as I can. I look for patterns, colors, and subtleties in nature that help me to be aware of the moment and of my surroundings. In my daily routine, I get caught up in the past and the future, always looking back and planning ahead. Sometimes I find myself needing to slow down and hiking gives me that sense of peace and fulfilment with a renewed energy and mindset. I go through the journey, present in every moment and in every step of the way.